A look in the History Books

The founding father

The founding father of Melen Holding who heralded a new era in Melen family was Abdullah Melen. He was the person who laid down the basic business principles and value structure of our company.

Since the initial stages the company aware of the potential in construction business.

Relatively the company started to be involved in various segments in supplying construction materials as well as undertaking some construction projects.

This experience had an immense contribution in the success of Accadia Contracting in Dubai.

First Project in Our History



The first family business established by Abdullah Melen was operating in Central and Eastern Asia. Mostly dealing with home commodities.


Melen Ltd Co was founded in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul became the focal point of the family business.


Beside other fields, supplying construction materials to different projects intensified


Trade of construction material became international (together with other sectors)


We finalized two construction projects in Mary, Turkmenistan. (One building is still being used as our storage and operation center.)


We moved our headquarters to Dubai. Since then, Dubai is the center of all our operations


The group globally supplied construction materials. (Mostly to the Central Asian countries.)


We finalized two construction projects in Turkey together with our solution partners


For two years, we supplied to construction materials to Hyundai and Sumsug for the Barakah Nuclear Power
Plant in Abdu Dhabi.


Accadia Contracting was founded in the midst of a global economy hardly hit by pandemic.


Accadia Contracting has become a reliable and trusted solution partner in construction business in Dubai.